If you feed by % of bird weight-

Analize what the birds eat naturaly
If you soak your seed then weigh it dry (weight increase of 50-56% when soaked)
consider  that Fruit has up to 60% water content
Amazons: feed 4-5% of body weight per bird (4-5% of which should be protien) per day before soaking
African Greys: feed 3-5% of body weight per bird (6-7% of which should be protein) per day before soaking


Cooked Mix: Dice root veg to bite size (sweet potato, carrot, butternet, beetroot ect) add some dried herbs and a pinch of salt , ( as an option you can also add some brown rice and or pasta), bring to boil but do not overcook. Keep the juices: add rolled oats or 2 minute noodles with some of your soft food to thicken. Sometimes I add raisins or some similar treat. COOL BEFORE FEEDING 

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